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Letters July 16, 2009  RSS feed

Letters To The Editor

Letters from readers are invited and should be sent by regular mail to Times Newsweekly, P.O. Box 860299, Ridgewood, N.Y. 11386- 0299 or by e-mail to info@timesnewsweekly. com. All letters must be accompanied by the writer's full name and address, which will be withheld upon request. Anonymous letters will not be considered for publication. All letters are subject to editing. The opinions expressed in each letter are not necessarily those of the Times Newsweekly.

Rally for parks, against trucks

Dear Editor:

Two issues of concern are the focus of this letter. The first is the former site of St. Saviour's Church in West Maspeth. The Parks Department has identified its area as one that is underserved by parks. Community Board 5 has for the past few years listed a community center as a priority for Maspeth, and has specifically mentioned that site as an ideal location for one.

The church was salvaged from ruin last year, but that was winning only half the battle. The property needs to be saved for its historical importance to the Maspeth community, for its identified archaeological potential and for preservation of open space—something which is increasingly rare in western Queens. As the city is developing parks for communities in Brooklyn and Long Island City, they should do the same for Maspeth.

The second issue of concern is the city's plan for Waste Management to truck garbage collected by the Department of Sanitation from their soon-to-be-built private transfer station on Review Avenue to the West Maspeth Rail Yard.

The rail yard is in close proximity to the St. Saviour's site and dozens of homes. The same rail line which will be used to transport the waste out of state runs right past the site of the proposed transfer station. As one newspaper recently noted, "This makes the construction of a spur to the facility for the loading of waste— as opponents of WM's plan have suggested— appear feasible, if appropriate infrastructure work was done." This is exactly the type of project that federal stimulus money was meant for.

The proposed plan not only will throw taxpayer dollars away but pol- lution from the estimated 115 additional truck trips per day will further endanger the health of Maspeth residents.

There will be a rally to call for a park at the St. Saviour's site as well as to protest the Waste Management plan this Saturday July 18th at 11am with local elected officials, civic leaders and residents at the Clinton Diner at 57th Road and Rust Street. I urge all readers to attend.

Christina Wilkinson