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Sports November 3, 2011  RSS feed
A Wild Ride At RSC Softball
A Look At Some Of 2011’s Memorable Teams
     It has been another crazy season in RSC Softball, as each season new challengers have made an impact and RSC continues to grow.   RSC is heading into its 12th year next year and the league will reflect on the teams who've made an impact so far this season. 
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CK Starts Playoffs On A Winning Note
Second Game Called Off Due To Bad Weather
     Last week the Christ the King Royals (8-5-3) opened their playoff run with a win against the Stepinac Crusaders (4-8-4) at Juniper Valley Park.  
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Mother Nature 1, BWG Cosmos 0
With Games Canceled, U12 Teams Face Off
     Most BWG games this weekend were canceled due to inclement weather, but the U8E and U12 teams were still in action.  U8E  SC Gjoa-White played BW Gottschee-Cosmos U8E on Saturday, Oct. 29. The weather was rough with heavy winds and rain. BW Gottschee improved on their passing game butthe final score was 3-2 in favor of SC Gjoa-White. 
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Mets Bring The Fences In
More Hitter-Friendly Dimensions At Citi Field
     (AP) While not exactly tearing down this wall, the New York Mets are putting up a new fence at Citi Field that’s shorter and closer to home plate.  
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Position Pays Off For Baldwin
     The money in poker comes from aggressively smart play, a style often seen when a player uses position to take control of the betting.  
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Bulletin Board
     BASKETBALL  REDNMF RECREATION is looking for basketball players to play on Saturdays. Full court, full press, full fun. For more information, call 1-646- 872-8392, or visit www.leaguelineup.com/redbball. 
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