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Feature Stories January 5, 2012  RSS feed
Lions Club Helps Light Glendale Tree
      Members of the Ridgewood-Glendale-Middle Village Lions Club were out in full force at the Christmas tree lighting in Glendale last month which they co-sponsored with City Council Member Elizabeth Cro
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Philanthropist Group Gives Holiday Gift To Qns. Library
Aims To Reduce Impact Of Budget Cuts
     Christmas was especially merry for the Queens Borough Public Library (QBPL) as it received a $1.5 million grant from the Carnegie Corporation of New York designed to soften the impact of previous budget cutbacks.
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More Food Stamps At Greenmarkets
Low-Income Locals Are Buying Fresh Goods
     Last year saw a significant increase in the use of food stamps at Greenmarkets across New York City, the city announced on Tuesday, Jan. 2.  
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Wallace Biography Written By His Son
Segregationist’s Gov.’s ‘Faustian Bargain’
     (AP) George Wallace is remembered by many as the segregationist Alabama governor who was shot while campaigning for president. His son has written a book hoping to broaden that view.
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NASA Probes Due To Arrive At Moon
To Collect Data On The Far Side
     (AP) The New Year’s countdown to the moon has begun.   NASA said last Wednesday that its twin spacecraft were on course to arrive back-to-back at the moon after a 31/2-month journey. 
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Analyst Claims It’s Time For Speculators To Pay Fair Tax
Claims The Markets ‘Have Gone Crazy’
     (AP) John C. Bogle counted himself among the one percent of wealthiest Americans a couple decades ago. You might not guess that today, when you hear the 82-year-old founder of mutual fund company Vanguard rail against economic inequality.  
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Start The Year Off Right In Your Small Business
Time To Fix Accounting Problems
     (AP) The arrival of the new year gives small business owners a chance to fix some of the problems that may have dogged them through 2011. Those whose accounting systems were haphazard, or who didn’t have a clear policy about vacations and sick time should take advantage of the fresh start that 2012 offers.  A look at what needs to be done: 
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Movie Crowds Dip To 16- Year Low
Cumulative Impact Of Sequels And New Technology
     (AP) An Avatar hangover accounted for Hollywood’s dismal showing early this year, when revenues lagged far behind 2010 receipts that had been inflated by the huge success of James Cameron’s sci-fi sensation. 
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First U. S. MuseumTo Greek Culture Is Open In Chicago
‘Telling The Story Of Greek America’
     (AP) Dolls a Greek woman made during World War II. Ice cream bowls and wooden spoons from a 1940s Greek candy store. Thousands of record albums filled with Greek music.  
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Record Prices For Scallops Expected
Law Of Supply & Demand In Season
     (AP) Maine scallop fishermen expect to get record prices for their catch this season with strong global demand and a diminished supply from Japan and other competing, scallopproducing nations.   The weak U.S. dollar also is helping boost prices, said Dana Temple, who owns Crescent Bay Inc. seafood company in Cape Elizabeth. 
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Lighten Up A Cold Weather Classic
Kitchen Tips For A Better Chicken Noodle Soup
     (AP) Chicken noodle soup may have a reputation for helping us beat the winter sniffles, but that doesn’t make it health food.  Processed varieties, for example, can be loaded with calories, fat and sodium. And don’t even get me started on the lack of flavor and hunks of tough chicken. 
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