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Local News July 18, 2013  RSS feed

The Campaign Trail

In the months leading up to the citywide primary and general elections, the Times Newsweekly/Ridgewood Times will feature in this column press releases and statements sent by the campaigns of the candidates on the ballot.

The statements in this column do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the Times Newsweekly/Ridgewood Times or its staff. Mud-slinging statements which include personal attacks on candidates are omitted.

Mayoral Race Salgado Files 20,000 Signiatures

“All I can say is that the people have spoken—20,000 of my fellow New Yorkers have signed petitions declaring that they want me on the ballot as a candidate in the Democratic Mayoral Primary,” Erick Salgado said as he filed his petitions with the New York City Board of Elections, Thursday night.

Required to file 3,750 signatures to qualify for the September 10th Democratic primary, Salgado presented the Board of Elections with over five times the required number.

“This is an impressive number for a rookie politician with no ties to any political organization,” Salgado stated. “It’s no surprise. I could see it in the increasing support I receive as I campaign throughout the city.”

Salgado who is the only Latino and conservative candidate in the Democratic Primary continued, “I hear it all the time when I am out in the diverse communities that make up this great city, people are fed up with career politicians. They are looking for someone who will be there for them, someone who will be their representative, not a Mayor who owes his or her allegiance to a collection of special interest groups.”

Public Advocate’s Race Saujani Has Petitions To Get On Ballot

As the 11:50 p.m. deadline approached, petitions from all over New York City continued to roll in for Reshma Saujani, Democratic Candidate for NYC Public Advocate. As of July 11, the campaign now anticipated filing more than 45,000 signatures in total, collected by an army of grassroots volunteers to get on the ballot in the Public Advocate’s race.

The impressive haul shows the strength of the aggressive field operation the Saujani campaign has been running to communicate Reshma’s message of opportunity for all to New Yorkers in every borough.

“I’m incredibly proud of what our team has accomplished over the past six weeks,” said Saujani’s campaign manager Michael Blake. “Our Obama-style grassroots strategy worked block by block, from subway stop to supermarket. We demonstrated organization, commitment, and most importantly, a powerful connection with voters across the city. This is just the beginning.”

The Saujani campaign collected more than twelve times the necessary signatures to get on the ballot, engaging voters from every borough of New York City. The volume and diversity of the campaign’s petitions reflect the citywide coalition Reshma is building with organizations, elected officials and everyday New Yorkers.

“Everywhere we went to collect petitions, voters told me they wanted the same thing: results,” Saujani said. “Whether it’s getting schools the resources they need to prepare our kids for jobs or making housing more affordable, New Yorkers are looking for a Public Advocate who is just going to get things done. Our success in petitioning is the first step in creating real opportunities for all New Yorkers as your next Public Advocate.”

For more information on voting or to obtain a voting registration application, contact the New York City Board of Elections at 1-212-VOTENYC or visit www.vote.nyc.ny.us.

Press representatives of candidates may send their information to this paper by fax to 1-718-456-0120 or e-mail to info@times newsweekly.com. All releases are subject to editing.