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Letters May 28, 2015  RSS feed
Fed up with trashy tickets
     In the middle of the night, the Sanitation Department is giving tickets out to businesses and non-for-profit buildings. This has happened several times. When the businesses and a local nonprofit approached and wrote to Environmental Control Board stating this is unfair, they were told nothing can be done about this. This should be a wake-up call to taxpayers. 
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Hard choices in stopping runaway students
     The Office of the Special Commissioner of Investigation for New York City Schools, in addition to its primary duty of framing and axing low-level educators, performs some admirable work from time to time. They recently released a report noting this year’s big increase in cases involving students who vanished from their schools during field trips. 
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‘Wacky’ toilet paper tax break should be flushed
     The rational used by Assemblyman David Weprin to justify his proposal to introduce legislation exempting toilet paper from the 8.875 percent sales tax left me puzzled. Weprin claims that “this a quality-of-life issue” and “the tax also disproportionately affects poor people.” 
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