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Columns July 23, 2015  RSS feed
Fast-food wage hike could harm New York health care industry
     Governor Cuomo has established a wage board within the state Department of Labor to consider raising wages of workers in the fast-food industry to $15 per hour. Hearings held by the wage board have included compelling testimony from fastfood workers about how difficult it is to survive on the earnings typical of that industry. 
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‘Oklahoma!’ at Maggie’s Little Theater is very OK!
     Rousing songs, creative choreography, folksy dialogue and a smart script have made Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “Oklahoma!” a national treasure for close to 80 years. This tradition continues at Maggie’s Little Theater, where a talented group of entertainers offers an energetic interpretation for enthusiastic crowds.
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Victoria's Secret
Matilda calls, I listen
     As I walked up the steps past the security guards, I entered the huge square surrounded by the majestic un buildings. I’ve been enjoying the view of the UN’s multiple buildings from the LIC side of the city. Seeing it from across the river provides a different sense of its power than being there. 
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