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Letters July 23, 2015  RSS feed
Trust, verify, and verify again on iran deal
     The agreement that the U.S. and four other major nations signed with Iran regarding control of its nuclear program must be carefully monitored, so that there will be no cheating by Iran. Also, our allies in the Middle East must be given assurances that this deal will not threaten their security.
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Parents must share responsibility of teaching students
     Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina was spot on when she said “Schools need to have the right leadership, the right teachers, and the right school staff to raise student achievement.” But in the midst of making that statement, she added, “Schools also need to have the right students and the right parental support.”
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Presidential ‘candidate’ opens mouth, inserts ego
     It’s hard to believe that Donald Trump leads the Republican polls on who they favor for the next president, but he does. The only ones answering the poll must be the angry rightwing voters, the same ones who hate everything that has to do with equality, progress or Obama.
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