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Letters October 29, 2015  RSS feed


The Civil War resulted in 750,000 deaths and countless loss of limbs and fortunes. The nation was preserved by a flow of blood that no external war has ever cost the United States. It was the culmination of iron dogmas that did not permit compromise.

The current American political divide which has been brewing since the election of Bill Clinton is now a trench that seems incapable of peaceful resolution. Americans have had ideological conflicts in the past that were hotly debated in the houses of government and the streets of our cities but ultimately settled by both sides coming to the table. Now compromise is deemed a betrayal. With compromise off the table there could only be a mindset of winning at all costs and the devil with the results.

The rhetoric against our national institutions is historic. Judges are condemned for not agreeing with partisan advocates. They are demonized as “activists” and yet when in concurrence they are “constitutional scholars.” Members of the House and Senate view the other party as enemies. The Republicans are a house not only divided but enraged.

When political discourse becomes hatred the situation of today could easily be expected. Violence is more than a potential. Attacks upon our very system of government are more than a probability. One can easily understand these possibilities by threats to have the government close, not pay its bills and have infrastructure crumble.

History can be repeated. Examine post- World War I events of Germany to have a chill down your back!

Ed Horn, Baldwin

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